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J FINE is an Authorized Partner of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds.  Our full collection is available at exclusive retailers throughout the world and by appointment at our NYC showroom in the heart of New York City, overlooking the iconic Rockefeller Center.

Our Diamond Source

As one of only a few Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Authorized Partners in the world, J FINE has assembled an inventory of some of the rarest and most important diamonds the Earth has produced, and a carefully curated collection of outstanding Argyle Pink™ and other natural color diamonds that enable it to create and offer the spectacular jewelry you see here, as well as custom designs for discerning diamond lovers and collectors alike.

Our Craftsmanship

Assembling pink diamonds meticulously matched for color and quality, as those used in J FINE’s designs, can take years and require a refined eye and a discerning talent and vision that can only be developed after studying and working intimately with these inimitable gems. It is this commitment to quality, craftsmanship and an excruciating attention to detail that continue to separate J FINE and its jewelry from all others.

Our Expertise

Company founder Jordan Fine is considered one of the foremost experts in natural-colored diamonds and gemstones in the world and is a past President of the Natural Color Diamond Association. As the Argyle Mine is now closed forever, J FINE remains one of the most significant resources for the increasingly rare diamonds discovered there.

Our Work

Explore our collections of fine jewelry and loose diamonds.

By Appointment

J FINE Diamonds
22 West 48th St.
New York, NY 10036


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