$15,000 - $35,000

Both the skill, vision and creativity of our designers and the versatility of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds is on full display in this carefully curated selection of some of our finest pieces and diamonds.  From necklaces and pendants to rings, earrings and bracelets, Argyle Pink™ Diamonds are complemented by spectacular gemstones in these unique pieces. You’ll also see some of the last pink diamonds from the now-closed Argyle mine—great collector’s pieces and even better inspiration for your own custom design.

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Truly spectacular fine jewelry pieces, handcrafted and hand-set with diamonds carefully matched for color and quality.  Our finest and rarest Argyle Pink™ Diamonds are masterfully transformed into this special and unique collection of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, and some exceptional and extraordinary loose Argyle Pink™ Diamonds await your creativity to collaborate with our designers on a truly exclusive custom piece.

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$7,000 - $15,000

One of our most popular price ranges, the artisans of J FINE have worked hard to create exquisite fine jewelry featuring the rarity and beauty of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds along with other spectacular gemstones.  An engaging array of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings to choose from.  Or check out the loose diamonds that are available, and we can collaborate on designing the jewelry of your dreams.  Start your collection now!

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The richly colored bloom of the azalea fulfills nature’s annual promise of springtime.  Only J FINE dares immortalize such marvel with the iconic designs of the Argyle Azalea Collection, bursting with the splendor of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds and exceptionally unique Argyle Blue Diamonds that are beyond rare and unquestionably beautiful.  Every piece handmade, and every diamond set by hand—a stunning collection of Argyle Pink™  Diamond pendants, earrings and stackable rings.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

A very special and meaningful capsule collection, the Argyle Pink Diamond Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon jewelry is hand-crafted with rare and beautiful pink diamonds. In memory of all those lost, in support of all those battling and in celebration for all those who have fought and won against breast cancer, JFINE is proud to contribute 20% of collection sales to The Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to fund metastatic breast cancer research.

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The J FINE collection of earrings features a broad selection of Argyle Pink™ Diamond styles, including unique studs, stud jackets, huggies, hanging drop earrings and many statement pieces designed with other rare and beautiful gemstones. Explore the range, which includes many of our signature styles from our Halo and Azalea collections.

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A showcase of exclusive styles from J FINE that place the versatility of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds on full display.  A wide-ranging collection of accessible and aspirational designs that demonstrate the superior craftsmanship and creativity for which we’re known in every bangle, bracelet, earring, pendant, ring and necklace. This collection is a true celebration of the extreme rarity and limitless beauty of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds

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Designing with Argyle Pink™ Diamonds requires vision, expertise and imagination, and this collection highlights the unique understanding the artists at J FINE Diamonds have of this rarest of precious gems.  Styled alongside other exceptional gemstones from nature’s magnificent color palette, the Argyle Pink™ Diamonds are as effective a companion as they are a hero in these truly exquisite statement pieces.

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High Jewels

Even among masterpieces, there are masterpieces—exceptional jewelry meticulously handcrafted with brilliant, extraordinary Argyle Pink™ and other natural color diamonds notable for their size, intensity of color or other unique defining characteristics that put them into a class by themselves. J FINE is proud to present this incomparable collection of Argyle Pink™ Diamond jewelry that has taken years to create and assemble and represents our finest quality and craftsmanship.

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The J FINE necklace assortment is both a celebration of our Rarity Within Reach mission and a demonstration of the unique power and beauty of Argyle Pink Diamonds. Very attainable pendants—perfect gifts for yourself or others—are offered alongside some of our most exclusive and important designs.

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The J FINE ring collection includes an array of dazzling diamond bands starting at $1000 and a broad range of unique designs featuring Argyle Pink™ and Blue Diamonds and a variety of other rare and beautiful gemstones. Many exclusive styles to explore that display the Beyond Rare beauty of Argyle Pink™ Diamonds, each in its own distinctive fashion.

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The Butterfly

Celebrate summer with our exclusive collection of Diamond and Tourmaline Butterfly Necklaces.

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