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The rarest of precious gems make for an inspiring muse.

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Beauty 1.6 billion years in the making

Every pink diamond, no matter how small or large, is a precious miracle of nature — coveted for its rarity and cherished for its beauty. J FINE, renowned worldwide for our expertise in rare and exotic diamonds, regard each natural pink diamond with the respect worthy of a masterpiece through exclusive designs and handmade, bespoke jewelry.

Beyond Rare™

Argyle Pink Diamonds are so rare that all of the pink diamonds weighing a half carat or more mined in a year would fit in the palm of your hand. With 90% of world’s supply now gone (the Argyle Mine closed in 2020), the existing Argyle pinks are more rare and valuable by the day.


Argyle Pink™ Diamonds

Formed more than 100 miles beneath the Earth's surface, Argyle Pink™ Diamonds are among the most valuable and sought-after gems in the world.


Responsibly Sourced

Argyle Pink™ Diamonds are responsibly sourced and painstakingly tracked from the time they’re mined until they reach you, the final custodian of one of nature’s most precious masterpieces.


Diamonds of Distinction

Pink diamonds are valued by their size and quality as well as the intensity and saturation of color. Each one is undeniably rare and exceptionally beautiful.


Direct From The Mine

Historically, natural pink diamonds were sourced predominantly from one location on the planet—the Argyle Mine in western Australia, which ceased operations in late 2020. As an Argyle Pink Diamond Authorized Partner, J FINE is among only a handful of companies in the world who have direct access to these spectacular gems. Being part of their journey is both an enormous responsibility and an extraordinary privilege.

Rare Diamonds. Exceptional Jewelry.

The rarest of precious gems makes for an inspiring muse, but even before the mine’s closure it could take years to assemble matching diamonds of the same size, color and quality to create our spectacular jewelry.


Rarity Within Reach

Known for craftsmanship and stunning one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces, J FINE puts as much care and attention to detail into every ring, bracelet or necklace it creates with exceptional pieces starting at less than $1000.

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